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Booze and Big Gulps - lush in translation

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May 30th, 2004

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09:14 pm - Booze and Big Gulps
From a conference held this weekend in Westminster, MD -- the keynote speakers and attendees hungry drunks all:

"Let's go to Sleven!"

["Sleven" is 7-11. 7-11 sells meat and cheese food products on sticks. It's not quite the Lincoln Diner, but sometimes Sleven will have to do.]

As most everybody knows, Westminster is like Gettysburg, PA, only 25-33% inferior.

Westminster has no Lincoln Diner, just a Denny's. Dunno if Gettysburg has a Sleven, but it definitely has more cool stuff to walk around and look at and eat at and also a bluegrass jam session at a record store every weekend.

The moral of this story: Pennsylvania sucks, except for Pittsburgh and Gettysburg. And Sleven sells corn dogs and other drunken munchie food, lesser fare than late-night snacks by train tracks, but better than nothing. And Westminster sucks compared to Gettysburg, even though Gettysburg is in Pennsylfrickingvania.
Current Mood: corny, dog
Current Music: "Ring Finger," Rjd2

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